Documents you need to be aware of about your vehicle

Simply looking after and keeping your car in good condition is not all there is to it. Making sure that the paperwork associated with it is well kept is an important aspect too. So what happens when you lose some or all of the paperwork associated with your vehicle?

Let us first look at the key paperwork concerning your vehicle that you need to be aware of.

Driving license. This document is a very important part of your vehicle documentation. It provides evidence of your legal right to drive. Always have your driving license with you when you are driving.

Logbook. Also known as V5, the logbook is an official document that contains details of your vehicle and also shows that you are the owner. It is a necessary requirement when you are entering into any form of financial contract that will include your car such as taking a logbook loan or when you want to sell your car.

MOT certificate. This document shows that your vehicle is fit to be on the road and is provided to you once you take an MOT test every year. Ensure you have this document safely kept in your care whenever you are driving.

Insurance documents. Driving a vehicle that has not been insured is a criminal offense and can have serious consequences in case of an accident. Keep a copy of your insurance certificate with you when you are driving and make another copy and keep it safe at home.

Service history. This is an important document that shows all the repairs and maintenance that has been done on your car. It is necessary to gauge the overall condition of the car and whether it is safe and fit for driving. In the event when you want to sell your car, it can have an impact on the sale value and is therefore crucial to keep this document safe.

All of the information contained in these documents is stored in public databases and is readily available to the police in the event of you being stopped while driving. However it is a criminal offense not to produce the documents at the police officer’s request. In case you cannot produce them, you will be given seven days to provide evidence of the documents failure to which you will be summoned in court.

So what can you do when you misplace my car’s paperwork?

The good thing here is that you can easily replace your paperwork in case you lose it. The website shows in detail how you can replace your lost driving license.

You can also contact your insurance provider and ask for a copy of your insurance certificate. Nonetheless, it is important to note that replacing your vehicle documentation carries with it administrative charges. It will also take time to have the documents delivered to you so it is always a good idea to practice safe keeping