It’s spring, a warm relief after the blistering winter colds. Everybody’s excited, and this is the time when you’re going to get your house all cleaned up. But your car needs some attention too, especially if you are in an area where the winters build up so much snow and ice. Once the weather starts warming up, there are a few tweaks you need to make to your car, otherwise you face the danger of getting a hefty repair bill midway to your summer vacation. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when tuning up in your vehicle for the spring.


To matter how sophisticated your vehicle is, the tyres are the one and only part touching the ground. This means you should pay close attention to them. The warmer conditions expand the air in the tyres and this may cause a pressure gain. The increased pressure distorts the treads, reduces road contact and causes uneven where on the tyres. In extreme cases, the tyre could even burst especially when encountering bumps and potholes that become prominent during the spring. So ensure you your tyre pressure is within the recommended bracket and you can check this figure from your owner’s manual or the side of your tyre.

Engine tune up

After an agonizing winter, your engine condition won’t be as good. The salt and debris could really take a toll on your lubrication system so changing it won’t be such a bad idea.Take a look at the oil and if you had switched to thicker one to handle the winter, then it’s time to switch back. Check your owner’s manual for the best oil weight to have in warmer conditions and replace it appropriately.

The winter is also a bit harsh on the battery and it drains it pretty fast. If it doesn’t hold charge as it should, then it may be time for a replacement. Also remember to clean the terminals and get rid of any accumulated residue on it.



You also need to check your brakes because the winter can freeze some critical parts of it. This is crucial particularly if you feel the handling is not as good as it originally was. Check out the brake pads and replace them if you spot any signs of excessive wear.

You also need to ensure your suspension is at its best condition. The springs and shock absorbers should be working perfectly and these can be easily checked when giving your vehicle an oil change. Your car needs to respond with utmost accuracy to your driving commands, that way you’ll be assured of not having any surprises when cruising your way and enjoying the sunshine.

Spring time means that more of your days are going to be spent outside, and you are going to be with your car when out on these great adventures. Tuning up your car for the spring will go a long way in keeping repairs at bay,but above all, you’ll be keeping your trips impeccably flawless.