Everyone knows how important credit score is in applying for loans or insurances, as it determines the rates that you will get. If you haven’t been consistent with your payments, you may find that your credit score is getting lower. However, as long as there are no black marks on it such as bankruptcy, you can still fix some issues in your credit report and increase your score fast.

Check your credit report regularly. By monitoring your credit report frequently, you can keep your eye on mistaken entries, such as a debt that doesn’t belong to you or any errors in your personal information. Fixing those errors can help raise your credit score more quickly.

Pay your bills on time. If you have missed payments before, start getting current on your payments now. If you need to enroll in automated payments just to make sure you don’t forget your due dates, do it.

Don’t max out your credit cards. Do not max out your credit limit even if you are consistent in paying the amounts in full, as it can lower your score. Use two or more cards instead that have small balances. A good strategy is to keep your balances for each card below 30% of its credit limit.

Don’t close unused credit cards. Some people believe that they can improve their score by closing unused credit card accounts. However, it’s now just a myth. In reality, closing unused credit cards can lower your score, especially if it’s an old one. Remember that the age of your credit is included in scoring, so using old accounts from time to time can improve your score.

Consider getting a secured credit card. Whether you have no previous credit or you have bad credit, you’ll most certainly have difficulty applying for a credit card or a loan, but you still have an option called a secured credit card. By making a bank deposit that you will use as collateral, you can acquire a secured credit card with a credit limit based on your deposit. If you show that you are responsible in using this new card, you may actually increase your credit score or build up your credit if you haven’t already.

Do not make multiple loan applications. These applications will show up on your report and may affect it negatively, so make sure there’s a gap between each application.

Get an installment loan. It would be very beneficial to your credit rating if you have a variety of credits, including installment loans. If you have a current installment loan that you are paying on time, it can actually improve your score. Remember to have the right mix of credit cards and loans that you are able to pay in order to better your score.

Review your credit limit. One area in your credit report that you should always check is your credit limit. Remember that the higher your limit is, the better. You may want to talk to the credit card company to increase your limit if you’ve shown that you are responsible. You may also check your credit report if your limit is lower than it should be, and report this error to fix your score.