Morning commutes can be a drag. Not only are the early, when we are still half asleep, but often they make us sit in traffic, heading somewhere we don’t really feel like going to. It can be a terrible way to start your day, and it can put you in a foul mood for the remainder of it. If your morning commutes are tough, there may be some things you can do to make them a little better.

First, look at the time you are leaving for work. If you are constantly sitting in traffic, consider leaving at a different time. Even altering your schedule by a few minutes could help you to avoid traffic. Another option is to talk to your employer about having a different start time. Maybe you can convince them to start a half an hour later, and leave a half an hour later. This way you get to avoid all of the traffic.

If timing isn’t an option, consider your route. There has to be another way you can take to get to work, and maybe there will be less traffic on it. It may not be as direct, but if you are not sitting in traffic the entire time, it may end up being less frustrating and even quicker. Take a look at some online maps and see if you can chart a different route to your location.

There are also a few ways to simply make your ride more enjoyable. For instance, you could alter what you listen to on the way there. If you are tired of listening to the same songs on the radio, consider plugging in your mobile device and listening to something else. There are plenty of music apps out there that can give you a different variety of music to listen to each morning. Or if you don’t want to listen to music, you could try listening to an audiobook or a podcast. This can be a great way to keep your mind distracted while driving, while also learning something new. There are plenty of mobile apps and websites on which you can find thousands of things to listen to, all for free. All you need to do is find a way to connect your mobile device with your car’s stereo. This is either usually built in, or you can connect it with a separate cable.


The last option is to get someone to ride with you. If you set up a carpool, not only will you save money on petrol when it is their turn to drive, but you will have someone to keep you company on the drive. The important thing here is to find someone who not only lives near you, and is going to the same location roughly, but also someone you don’t mind spending time with. Your ride will only get worse if you are sharing it with someone who annoys you, so think carefully about who you ask.

Hopefully with these tips your morning commute will be a little better. We know it won’t be easy still getting up in the morning and going out to your car, but maybe if you try out a few of the things mentioned above, you won’t dread it as much.