A myriad of factors can affect your car insurance and these range from your age and gender to where you live. Such factors that make your insurance providers view you as high risk and therefore raise the premiums for you. Another major thing that can affect your insurance premiums is your job. The location of your job, work hours and even the people you travel with. All these are factors that are taken into account by insurance providers to come up with a premium rate for you. Let us now look at how your job and how factors relating to it affects your insurance premiums.


Like we noted earlier, the type of people that regularly travel with you with play a significant role in determining your premium rates. This is because insurers are required by law to provide compensation to third parties in the event of harm or injury. People such as journalists are assumed to travel with wealthy people and although this sounds a bit prejudicial, there is in fact rationality to this. Photographers are also expected to travel with highly paid individuals in well-paying careers such as models and musicians and therefore carry high insurance rates.


Although basing your insurance on your attitude towards driving seems like another stereotype, it is an important factor for insurers to consider as well. They will look at your job and what it says about you. This means that if your job description seems to suggest that you’ll probably make a claim, your insurance rates will probably be higher compared to someone whose likelihood of making a claim is moderate. For instance, students are thought to be high risk because of their inexperience in driving and possible immaturity. Police officers on the other hand are thought to be highly experienced due to their training and are therefore considered low risk. The student is therefore more likely to be charged a higher premium compared to a police officer.

Working with Vehicles

Jobs in which the nature of your work requires you to use your vehicle will most likely raise your insurance premiums. An example of this would be to look at a plumber. Due to the high likelihood that he will need to transport his expensive equipment which is at high risk of theft, his premiums will be higher. A salesperson will often travel long distances and spend a lot of time on the road which increases his risk of having an accident. Due to this reason, he will likely have high premiums.

Driving hours and Location

A job that requires you to drive at unsociable hours such as during the night can also raise premiums due to the fact that accidents are more likely to happen. If you spend too much time driving past midnight, it is easy to lose focus and cause an accident due to fatigue and sleep. It is therefore clear to see why the insurance rates will be affected. If your job is located near a club, there is a high risk for damage due to the close proximity to rowdy and drunk people. This will also cause the premiums to rise. In fact, people who work in a nightclub such as Djs will often carry expensive equipment at night with a high risk of being stolen so their rates are also expected to be high.

According to research, the jobs with the highest car insurance rates in the UK are mobile disco owner, apprentice professional footballer (which is almost double what a professional needs to pay), diplomatic staff, night club owner and professional referee.