Everyone wants to save some money. The satisfying feeling you get when you save some pounds is incomparable. No one should call you frugal for chasing after this thrill because it will only prove profitable in the end. There are several ways you can save money on your car. Your car doesn’t need to be the nail on your head, it can be made more affordable easily. There are just a couple you need to take in the right direction and you are set to make the biggest saving you have ever known.

Save on fuel

This is something that many people will be enthusiastic to hear. There are so many ways that you can save on fuel. You can do this by increasing your car’s fuel consumption efficiency and also typically fueling at the petrol station with the least cost. To assist you to compare the fuel prices of different petrol stations, embrace mobile apps dedicated to assisting drivers find the most affordable petrol stations. You will be surprised at how many great deals you were missing because you did not know where to look

Another way you can make a big save is by changing your driving habits. It is proven that rapidly accelerating and speeding are unpleasant to your fuel consumption. If you want to make some savings, it is recommended to keep your speed below 50 mph. Every 5mph above that is said to have a detrimental effect on your gas per mileage consumption.

Something more you should have in mind, is that habits such as having an idle engine have the unfavorable effects on your gas mileage. You only stand to lose big bucks from an idle engine, so turn off the engine when in traffic and see yourself laughing all the way to the bank. Other habits you need to be wary of are driving with deflated tires and using the wrong motor oil.  All these will hurt your pocket so make sure your tires are at the right pressure and that you’re using the recommended grade of motor oil in the car. Sometime it is really the little things that make a difference

Save on your insurance

You can also make some savings here. The first wise thing to do to ensure you go for a win is to choose your insurance company wisely. This is the rule of thumb when shopping, shop around. Never settle for your first option. Apply this rule when looking for an insurance company for the most satisfying results.

Once you find an insurance company there are some things you should keep in mind like use the same insurance company for your house and car. Insurance companies tend to have bundled plans which result in subsidies for the driver.

Another thing that’s important to note is the importance of being smart with your coverage. When you realize that the worth of the car is less than the cost of repairing it, it is time to ditch your collision coverage. Ditching will result in high savings on your part. Another smart move is to know when to claim and when not to claim. For small accidents that are inexpensive, it may be more affordable to repair from your own pocket than claim. This is because a single claim will tend to result in a premium hike and sometimes the hike is not worth the damage. It is prudent to weigh the cost of claiming over paying it yourself.

It is also important to remember that a good credit score will go a long way to secure you the best rate from your insurer. It is still the yardstick that insurers use when determining the most suitable credit score for you.