Travel costs are getting more expensive by the day it would seem. Whether you are traveling back and forth to work every morning, or taking a vacation somewhere, travel costs are one of the biggest sections of our budget. If you are tired of paying so much just to go somewhere, we have some advice that might help. We can’t make it free, but hopefully you can at least save a little bit.

Carpool – This one is for people who are tired of spending so much on their morning commutes. If you know of someone nearby who is going to a similar location as you, consider setting up a carpool. This will allow you both to save of travel costs, and it will be better for the environment too. It may add a few minutes to your trip when you need to pick them up, but the savings will be worth it in the long run.

Get an energy efficient car – If you primary use your car to go back and forth to work, you don’t need something that guzzles down petrol. Look into getting another car, preferably one that gets good mileage. You’d be amazed how much money you can save when you are not going to the pump all the time.

Public Transportation – To save even more money, think about ditching the car altogether. If there is public transit near you that will take you to your job, you may save a lot of money by using it. There could be some inconveniences involved, but even if you just take it one or two days per week, the savings will add up over time. Go online and see if you can get the nearest bus or tube schedules, and see what it would cost to take one. Compare that to driving every morning, and see if the math works out for you. Don’t forget that if you are driving your car less, the car will last longer and need less maintenance, so you’ll be saving some money there in the long run as well.


Find Cheaper Flights – For those of you traveling abroad, make sure you do your research before getting a plane ticket. There are a lot of options out there, and you want to make sure you are getting the cheapest one. See if adding a layover will save you money, or if flying on a different day has a lower price. Again, you just need to weigh your own personal inconvenience against how much you are looking to save.

Cheaper Hotels – Lastly, along the same lines of finding cheaper airfare, is finding a cheaper place to stay. Instead of staying at a fancy hotel, look for cheaper motels in the area. Or if you are only staying a night, look at bed and breakfast locations. You can also look into Room-sharing websites to see if you can find a cheap room that way. It all depends on where you are going, and how long you intend to stay, but you can definitely find some great discounts using sites like these.