You read plenty of stories about people who made it, became self-made millionaires and made an idea blossom into riches. While not everybody is Gates or Zuckerberg, many think that such a task must be possible, if other people were able to manage it. There are plenty of books out there, which proclaim to have the secret buried between the pages, you only need to read the book and employ what you have learned there. While when you read about how other people did it all seems simple enough, once you start thinking about it becomes more and more apparent that such a thing is like the American dream – once you wake up, it is gone.

The simplest answer to the question from the topic is that you need money to make more money. It sounds simple, but it is not. Every good idea needs funding in order to be made, every investment needs the initial funding, every business undertaking needs the start-up capital, and every purchase is made with hard, cold cash. What does this mean? It means that you need initial funds in order to make these funds multiply and you need a good handle on how to do any such thing, but in a legal manner and without making the much bigger fish notice what you are doing before you did it.

While some initial funding can be obtained by taking out a loan, mortgage on your house, find investors within friends and family, start a Kickstarter or a similar crowdfunding campaign, or all of the above; the other statements from the previous chapter are the really tough obstacles to get over. There is a reason why you will never find out how anyone, including Gates and Zuckerberg, managed to gather initial funding, nor how they managed to make the first million. Anything after that is being publicized. Additionally, if you consider it closely and make proper investigation, it is almost never the inventor or the person who had the idea that is getting rich from it.

The original Mr McDonald or rather brothers McDonald, opened their business in 1940 with intent to franchise their chain. A little more than ten years later, when the idea finally started taking off, other people came in partnering with the brothers, a few years later ousting them out of their own business for a meagre 2.7 million US dollars. In 2012 the McDonald’s revenue almost reached 30 billion US dollars. There are other stories like this, so if you have an idea, the first thing you need to do is to lawyer up. Having established that you need funding, a breakthrough idea and lawyers on your payroll even before you started making money, the possibility of getting rich became infinitesimally smaller.

Perhaps the best way to getting rich is to get a book published telling other people how to get rich, where you just recite down platitudes from the commercial college you picked up. Book business is pretty profitable nowadays, including e-books and audio books, you can make a bundle. All you need is proper advertising.