How To Change A Flat Tire

No one likes getting a flat tire. They always seem to come at the worst times, right as you are in a rush to get somewhere. If you’re lucky, you walk out to your car and notice it, rather than having it happen while you are driving. Whenever it happens though, it is annoying. What can be a major inconvenience can turn into a slight problem however, as long as you know how to deal with it. If you are unsure of how to change a flat, then read on. First, you want to make sure the car is in a safe place for you the change the tire. If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road as soon as you can. Preferably, have the tire that is flat on the side of the road away from traffic to give yourself more room. Get the car onto as flat of a surface as you can find in order to make changing the tire easier. Once the car is into position, put on the parking brake, and if you are on the road, turn on your hazard lights. Now it is time to get out your tools. In […]
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Performing Car Maintenance

Performing regular car maintenance is essential if you want to keep your car running for a long time. It is not enough to simply repair your car when something goes wrong. By performing some basic maintenance work every now and again, you could save yourself not only a lot of money, but a lot of stress as well. Below are some of the basic maintenance tasks you should be performing on your car. If you can do the things on the list, you should have no trouble keeping your car in good condition for a long time. 1. Change the tires – The more you drive, the more you wear down the tread on the tires. When this happens, they do not grip the road as well, and this can lead to problems. To avoid getting into an accident because your car is sliding in the rain, make sure you check your tires regularly. You want to see that they not only have enough tread left on them, but that they are also full of air. If you notice any cracks, or if the tire is starting to look smooth, get them replaced as soon as you can. It is […]
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Debt, how to manage debt and debt consolidation

Every single person on this planet has some kind of debt, even the ones that have no idea about it. The financial world, the consumer society, the rich people and the regular folks, all have debts. The modern capitalistic foundations are based on debt and without debt there would be no cash flow, no banks, no payments, credit cards, money, nothing of that kind. In fact, even the actual money we use to do our daily trading, buying and selling are promissory notes, some kind of obligation that the paper you are giving for goods or services is worth a certain value and that it can be accepted in free trade as such. It is of no surprise that the origins of the use of money have gotten lost in the process, nowadays the paper money is deemed the actual valuable and the stored securities that have been kept as counterweight for such valuables are long being used for something else. Only money is being counted now and this is how you determine how much you are in debt, namely how many of the papers with digits on them you will need to provide to your creditor in order to […]
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How to do business like an investment mogul

Rich people, investors, bankers and similar beings are very often acting as if what they do is a form of science. Although there is plenty of terms you have never heard of and additionally a lot of maths involved, what these people do is actually pretty simple: they use money to make even more money out of it. In such a game there are certain rules that need to be followed. These rules are neither secret nor extremely bright, if you make an effort, you can find the answer almost wherever you look. Rule number 1: Never use your own money Bankers, rich people, investors and similar beings almost never risk their own money in whatever scams they are perpetrating. They always find a people, funds, monies and valuables they can use, sometimes they even borrow money in order to invest, most of the time they borrow money from themselves. If you are confused, let me elaborate. If you have a lot of money and would like to invest it, you do not invest that money directly. You give some of the money to a company you own as a form of investment into your venture. The company speculates that money […]
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Personal loans and daily life

Personal loans are great tools for people to finance more expensive items that they need in order to live lives more happily and efficiently. People commute all the time from home to work and vice versa, a car is a necessary tool for such a person. Washing machine breaks down after almost ten years of service, a replacement must be purchased, but cash funds are low. There is no money for the family vacation, but this year the family is really deserving of a special treat, a personal loan can finance that one also. Relatively fast cash, repayable in convenient monthly instalments, with comparably acceptable APRs and a steady job to cover for the payments, this is a winning combination and there are barely any people in a consumer society missing out on such an opportunity. In the western world, people love to live above their means and personal loans are just the right thing to finance such a life. At least some stellar moments are possible, a trip to Disneyland, a vacation in Spain, a new car to replace the old one; these are just a couple of reasons why people decide to obtain a personal loan. Such personal loans […]
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Mortgages and why people are reluctant to go for them

Mortgages were invented to allow people to purchase homes for their families and manage to gain some real estate that will remain for their offspring as financial security and asset. Having real estate used to be the best form of investment, moreover, the more houses you owned, the richer you were. Unfortunately, such times are over and people can generally not afford to purchase prime real estate and successfully repay such loans. Real estate prices are high in areas where people would like to live and which are regarded as popular. Urban areas are deemed the most desirable and therefore the highest prices can sometimes be found within city limits. On the other hand prime rural real estate can reach high prices as well, but generally such higher prices are because of the large included land ownership and mansion-like building extravaganzas. Ever since the 2007/08 world financial crisis, people are reluctant to enter into mortgages, because plenty of people in the US, but also abroad, suddenly defaulted on their loans without a fault of their own. While every single person that takes out a mortgage is assured that the purchased item is secure and safe, as long as the client is […]
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How and why does a world-wide recession affect me?

A few years ago, when all the hedge funds bombed and the Wall Street bankers admitted to having squandered billions of other people’s money a world-wide recession happened. Why did it affect the whole world and how did the American government bail them out? The better question would be why nobody went to jail, except Bernie Madoff, but he was not a part of the Wall Street Bailout scheme. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was cover up for approximately 700 billion US dollars worth of mortgage backed securities – the US Government took it over and as a consequence plenty of homeowners in the US lost their homes. Most stock markets reported drops of indexes but no real explanation was forwarded to the common folk. The incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo that was proclaimed through various PR outlets spoke similarly about a crisis, but nobody explained why little people had to pay for bankers’ failures. In common sense, there is no illogical talk about monies simply vanishing. There is a certain amount of currency out there and that amount is all there is. When new money is printed on paper, old money is being removed from circulation, so there is always a […]
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Investing your money

If you have money that you want to invest, whereby it is of no particular importance where that money came from, then you will need to establish in what kind of investment opportunity you would like to entrust your money. Do not forget that such investments are all risky, whereby not really gaining anything to your initial amount is the least of unfavourable outcomes. Giving your money to other people to invest requires trust, even more, it requires confidence that they will not simply squander your money, but return your investment with a healthy profit. After the hedge fund fiasco a couple of years back, the Lehmann Brothers going bankrupt and the Bernie Madoff scandal, such trust is nowadays simply not warranted. People believe that stocks and bonds as well as securities are the best way to go. It is only warranted if you exactly know what you are doing. Did you know that there are guaranteed investment bonds, where you have a guarantee that at certain points you will have a certain amount, no matter what? Interestingly enough, some banks like Santander’s decided to take off the “guaranteed” moniker from such bonds – should be a warning sign. Before the […]
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If you are about to enter the employment market

It should actually read all about starting with personal financing that you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Most young people while they are studying already make acquaintances with the financial system and not in a good way. Proper education is costly and the first thing you learn about are loans and getting into debt. Knowing that students at some point, after or during their studies, will need accounts, loans, credit cards or even are already working in order to fund their studies, so they will need personal accounts with overdraft capacities and whatnot, banks and similar entities start running after prospective clients pretty early. While it is to be expected that your parents will help you with the first steps, chances are you are on your own or would rather not have them help you, for whatever reason. This is what you need to consider: Do I have enough money to study and if not, what are the ways to obtaining such funds; do I have or will need an account in a bank, where my funds will get deposited into; am I applying or getting a stipend; where will I live and be during the […]
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How can you get rich in the current economy?

You read plenty of stories about people who made it, became self-made millionaires and made an idea blossom into riches. While not everybody is Gates or Zuckerberg, many think that such a task must be possible, if other people were able to manage it. There are plenty of books out there, which proclaim to have the secret buried between the pages, you only need to read the book and employ what you have learned there. While when you read about how other people did it all seems simple enough, once you start thinking about it becomes more and more apparent that such a thing is like the American dream – once you wake up, it is gone. The simplest answer to the question from the topic is that you need money to make more money. It sounds simple, but it is not. Every good idea needs funding in order to be made, every investment needs the initial funding, every business undertaking needs the start-up capital, and every purchase is made with hard, cold cash. What does this mean? It means that you need initial funds in order to make these funds multiply and you need a good handle on how […]
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