What to Do If You Lose Your Car

Documents you need to be aware of about your vehicle Simply looking after and keeping your car in good condition is not all there is to it. Making sure that the paperwork associated with it is well kept is an important aspect too. So what happens when you lose some or all of the paperwork associated with your vehicle? Let us first look at the key paperwork concerning your vehicle that you need to be aware of. Driving license. This document is a very important part of your vehicle documentation. It provides evidence of your legal right to drive. Always have your driving license with you when you are driving. Logbook. Also known as V5, the logbook is an official document that contains details of your vehicle and also shows that you are the owner. It is a necessary requirement when you are entering into any form of financial contract that will include your car such as taking a logbook loan or when you want to sell your car. MOT certificate. This document shows that your vehicle is fit to be on the road and is provided to you once you take an MOT test every year. Ensure you have this document safely kept […]
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Choosing a Financial Adviser

If you find yourself worrying about – and struggling with – your finances, it might be a good time to seek help from a financial adviser. But finding one nowadays isn’t always as easy at it may seem. Below are some helpful resources that you could use to get in touch with a bona fide financial adviser. Draw up a shortlist of three or four firms and give them a ring before deciding on which one to go with.   Which? Local – This crowdsourcing site helps you get in touch with financial advisers near you based on recommendations from other Which? members. FCA – The Financial Conduct Authority’s online register is a great resource for checking whether your financial adviser is properly authorized or not. Unbiased – This online directory uses your postcode to find financial advisers near you. VouchedFor – This website lists financial advisers and offers real reviews and ratings from former clients. CISI – The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment is a trade body for financial advisers. Their website’s wayfinder tool is a great way to find CISI-accredited financial planning firms based on your post code. Things To […]
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    The Most Important Things to Review before Signing a Logbook Loan

The Most Important Things to Review before Signing a Logbook Loan

Logbook loans are easy and fast to get because they do not have a lot of background checks. Many people with low credit score are turned down by banks because they are seen as high-risk parties. One of the best options in such a situation is the logbook loan that is borrowed against a personal vehicle. Though the loans have higher interest rates, the borrower is guaranteed about half the value of the car. Before signing a logbook loan, here are the most important things you must comprehensively review. Benefits of going for logbook loans Your credit score does not count. All you need is to have a well-maintained car and its logbook. The amount you can get is only limited by the car value. The loans are processed very fast so that you can have the entire process completed and money deposited in your account in just a couple of days. Depending on the lender, there is an opportunity to review the terms of the agreement if you need to extend the repayment period. The most important things to review before signing a logbook loan Other available loan options Two things that you must contend with about logbook loans are […]
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No Brainer Ways to Cut Down on Car Expenses

Probably the biggest expense you can have next to buying a home is buying a car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, as owning and maintaining a car comes with even more costs. In fact, it’s probably the second largest expense in every household next to food. Many car owners do not realise that many of the factors that rack up car expenses are staring them in the face, and they are ridiculously easy to change. Here are a few, simple tips so that having a car won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Save on Mileage Drive safely – aggressive driving behaviours such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, and speeding not only put your safety at stake, but they can lower your mileage and waste your gas very quickly. Set your cruise control at 50 mph. Try to go without air conditioning or at least set it to a higher temperature. Turn the engine off when you’re parked. Drive your car slowly for 30 seconds after starting it. Use the correct oil for your engine. Using an oil other that what’s recommended can increase friction in the engine and lower your mileage. Keep tires inflated and make sure not to […]
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Logbook loan debt – important things you need to know

With the dark cloud of low credit scores hanging over the heads of most UK citizens, logbook loans have become the credit facility of choice to many. You don’t need to look far to understand why this is the case. Simplicity of the application process, few requirements and the fact that credit checks are not a determinant are some of the reasons as to why Logbook loans have gained favour with most UK citizens reeling from a poor credit rating. But before we move forward, what are logbook loans? Well, if you are thinking of taking out a logbook loan for the very first time, it is quintessential to note that they are generally classified as bad credit loans. In other words, individuals with bad credit are most suited to apply for this kind of loan. That said, from the mention of the name, logbook loans are generally a way through which bad credit individuals get access to loans using their cars as collateral. A person simply signs over ownership of their car to the lender in exchange for a certain amount of money.   What happens is that you simply lose or rather hand over […]
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Tips for keeping up the condition of your car

Many people love their cars. They care for them meticulously, washing them each weekend, getting regular mechanical checks and servicing them at the correct intervals. But for all those who love their cars there are just as many who simply see their vehicles as a way of getting from A to B. If you fall into this group, it is important to understand that while your vehicle might just be a form of transport, it must be kept in the best condition possible. There are a number of reasons for this but perhaps the most crucial are reliability and resale value. There is nothing worse than having your car let you down. An unreliable car is something not a pleasant experience. They have a habit of breaking down when you need them most, for example when you are already late for work or perhaps need to rush somewhere in an emergency. Don’t underestimate resale value either. When you use your vehicle as a trade-in on a newer model, you can rest assured that the dealer you go to will find any reason to knock-off a few pounds here. Even when you need to secure something like a logbook loan, the condition of your […]
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Smart money tips for fresh graduates

When you are in college, it is pretty easy to manage your money because, well, there’s not so much money anyway. Everyone probably expects you to be surviving on student loans or a part time job somewhere. However, once you are out of campus the tables turn. Suddenly, you need a job, a new apartment and so many other responsibilities immediately crop up. What’s worse, your parents are less willing to send a cheque your way. That is why you need this cheat sheet with smart money tips to help you raise cash, make money savvy decisions and keep your finances in order as well. Negotiate a good deal One of the smartest things to do now that you are a graduate is to get yourself a job. And remember, when accepting a job offer, a simple enthusiastic request for a higher salary after expressing your appreciation for the job offer could earn you some extra dollars. Therefore, ensure you haggle a higher salary deal before accepting the wages your new employers suggest. Doing so is actually a sign of professionalism. If you want to have an easy time do not forget to […]
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How To Save On Travel Costs

Travel costs are getting more expensive by the day it would seem. Whether you are traveling back and forth to work every morning, or taking a vacation somewhere, travel costs are one of the biggest sections of our budget. If you are tired of paying so much just to go somewhere, we have some advice that might help. We can’t make it free, but hopefully you can at least save a little bit. Carpool – This one is for people who are tired of spending so much on their morning commutes. If you know of someone nearby who is going to a similar location as you, consider setting up a carpool. This will allow you both to save of travel costs, and it will be better for the environment too. It may add a few minutes to your trip when you need to pick them up, but the savings will be worth it in the long run. Get an energy efficient car – If you primary use your car to go back and forth to work, you don’t need something that guzzles down petrol. Look into getting another car, preferably one that gets good mileage. You’d be amazed how much money […]
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Make Your Morning Commute Better

Morning commutes can be a drag. Not only are the early, when we are still half asleep, but often they make us sit in traffic, heading somewhere we don’t really feel like going to. It can be a terrible way to start your day, and it can put you in a foul mood for the remainder of it. If your morning commutes are tough, there may be some things you can do to make them a little better. First, look at the time you are leaving for work. If you are constantly sitting in traffic, consider leaving at a different time. Even altering your schedule by a few minutes could help you to avoid traffic. Another option is to talk to your employer about having a different start time. Maybe you can convince them to start a half an hour later, and leave a half an hour later. This way you get to avoid all of the traffic. If timing isn’t an option, consider your route. There has to be another way you can take to get to work, and maybe there will be less traffic on it. It may not be as direct, but if you are not sitting in […]
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How to Drive in the Snow

Driving in the snow can be treacherous. The roads become slippery,  and it can be hard to see if the snow is coming down hard enough. A lot of accidents occur when it is snowing, and not all of them can be avoided. Some of them could be however, if everyone knew a few basic things about driving in the snow. While the tips below may not make it easy to drive in the snow, and may not even prevent an accident, you stand a better chance if you follow them. 1. Check your car – The first thing to do is the most important. Check your car and be sure it is ready to drive in the snow. Do you have good tires? How are your brakes? Do the wipers work? All of this is important information to know before you drive. If you see any problems, you’ll want to get them taken of as soon as you can – preferably before you need to drive in the snow. 2. Be prepared – There are some things you should store in your car in case of an emergency. Things like a flashlight, some bottles of water, and maybe a snack […]
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